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About Me

I am now a student of Osteopathic medicine at a University in Tulsa, OK. It has been a long road to get here, and am excited for the long road ahead of me. Bring on the fire hydrant on information.

I am also waiting to complete comprehensive exams for a Master’s of Anatomy at a well-known Midwestern university. We subjected ourselves to a rigorous course of study, often more rigorous than the medical students at the same institution, and came away learning more about the body in two (or more) years than most people could ever think that they would want to know. The human body is an amazing and mysterious entity that we will never fully understand.

I have a wonderful, beautiful wife who has joined me on my trek to become an Osteopathic physician. We have also been blessed with a little “mini-giant” (you can read/see his blog at Stroller Tales, though it doesn’t get updated as much as I would like).

I have had many an occasion to muse over my life experiences, background, and “expertise” and will try to briefly summarize my “jack of all trades, [seemingly] a master of none.”

First of all, I have to say that I am a dad and husband. That about covers the jack of all trades – exterminator, pacifier, playmate, cook, dog walker, etc. I know that this list will continue to grow.

I love scuba diving and helping to instruct new divers. It is an amazing feeling to see someone experience the underwater environment for the first time, both in a pool and in open water. I used to work in the Outer Banks (NC), and I miss the location and people, though I shouldn’t miss the burnout work hours. Wrecks definitely have to be my favorite site type to dive, especially those off of the Outer Banks (U-85, Advance, Jackson, Triangle Wrecks, Huron). I do have to admit that occasionally I don’t mind the mindless drift diving in the Caribbean from time to time.

I love  baseball. My body doesn’t seem to like it as much as it used to – stupid aging. I follow the game as much as I can, though my time is limited. When I do play, I can’t pitch as much as I used to, but yes, I still have my “stuff” offensively and defensively.

I used to be very active in theater and the arts. Now I enjoy the techie side of things (lighting and audio). I have played a musical instrument all of my life, and I still like spending time tickling the ivory. I like to think my piano likes it too.

Fidus ad mortem.

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