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Introducing GentleMANhoodliness

February 4, 2012
I’ve recently been on a “be a ‘better’ (gentle)man” kick of late. To this end, I’ve started following and reading a number of websites and twitter-ers (most of them the same, but different access).
I’m not talking about how to better beat my chest and howl at the moon, but how to better my frequently suppressed inner gentleman.
Perhaps this also comes from the new-found feeling of a lack of readiness to help my son grow and develop his character and sense of etiquette, style, and social prowess (for lack of a better thought at the moment). Sure, I probably have 10 years or so to prepare him (and me, for that matter), and I don’t consider myself necessarily lacking in this arena, but it’s never too early to begin preparing.
So I have added, and will continue to do so as I discover new ones, these sites as links should you care to join me in this never-ending journey of gentlemanhoodliness discovery (or simply want to browse my findings so far).
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