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Controversial Topic

December 8, 2011

Once again, another college campus shooting has happened. And it is getting significant national press. I would have to believe that there have been numerous random events similar to today’s tragedy at Virginia Tech. However, VT seems to get national coverage for these most unfortunate events that have happened.

Before I step onto my controversial cardboard box to voice personal sociopolitical opinion, let me first extend condolences and prayers to the families of those who died today at VT.

Incoherent ranting thoughts are streaming through my grey and white matter, but I will merely pose this question…

How many more shootings and deaths will happen before students, staff, and faculty of higher learning institutions will be allowed to carry concealed weapons on their person while in campus buildings including classrooms?

  1. Joel Watson permalink

    Two thoughts

    1) I find soap boxes to be much sturdier for standing on and voicing controversial opinion. Cardboard seems hardly able to support a weighty dialogue without collapsing. Last thing one wants is to be litigated for injuries caused by controversial boxes. =)

    2) I agree. Quote from a thought-filled friend on facebook
    “It’s a good thing institutions of higher education forbid guns on campus. It ensures no one will go on shooting rampages.
    It appears Virginia Tech might be going through another casualty of that vaunted hallmark of Liberal ideology.”

  2. OMS-I permalink

    I went with the cardboard box this time so that if there was a weighty dialogue, it would be structurally unsound and the government would have to regulate with weight restrictions. Or the box would collapse, and I’d have an opportunity to practice virtual triage.

    Plus, if I used a soap box and it collapsed, then we’d all be sudsy and have to take showers. And that amount of water consumption could be perceived as unhealthy for the environment.

    Finally, by choosing cardboard I ensured that it met my weight requirements and no one would want to challenge me for the box… simply because it may not be able to support their weight, let alone however many of us are on it vying for “king of the box.”

    Next time, I’ll try to find a more suitable litigating mitigating box to proclaim from.

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