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Technology Rant

October 5, 2011

Alternate title: “About that new iPhone 5…”

Very rarely will I jump on a technology bashing bandwagon. And this is no exception to that.

It seems that there are a number of people wanting to jump on the “bash Apple” train for the lack of redesign in the newly announced iPhone 4S (to be released October 14, 2011). As has been pointed out elsewhere in the blogosphere, the updated external design follows the historical Apple trend of a complete redesign every other iPhone release.

Am I honestly disappointed that the iPhone 4S (6th generation) is not a complete redesign? OK, yes I am. Will I bail and go get a different smartphone? Absolutely not!

Never mind that the internal engineering and components have been completely redesigned and updated (go read MacRumors or 9to5Mac) Apple has managed to design and produce the ultimate mobile smartphone/device (in my humble opinion).

As a medical student and medical office employee, the iPhone has proved it’s value and I recommend it as a valuable tool whenever I can. And not just because I’ve had too much of the Apple kool-aid to drink.

Apple has proved to me that the iPhone is – and will likely continue to be – the cutting edge smartphone device. And yes, I do look forward to the new redesigned iPhone 5, whenever it is released.

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