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February 25, 2011

A classmate just brought this to my attention. While I would assume that the intentions behind new U.S. Senate legislation S. 53 are well-meaning, in my humble opinion, this cannot be good long-term for the well-being of the general (non-medical) patient population.

Think about it: who would you rather see as a patient, a DPN/PharmD. or an actual medical physician (D.O. or M.D.)?

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  1. Robin permalink

    I think mid-levels are great and definitely have a place in medicine; however I do NOT think they are comparable to well-trained physicians, or pharmacists for that matter. While I see how this proposal could fill a need on a short-term basis, I ABSOLUTELY do not think there should be a DPN/PharmD dual degree. In the long run, it would be negative for both the general patient population and the medical profession itself. So much for accountability amongst health care providers…
    P.S. My sister is going to be a nurse practitioner, and I am fully confident that she will excel at what she does.

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