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Random Associations

February 11, 2011

In general, I find it amazing how the brain works and that it can work.

And then there’s a professor who in the middle of our lecture over myotactic (aka knee-jerk) reflex, which we covered in another class in about 15 minutes a couple of weeks ago. He had been describing a diagram (ad nauseum) when all of a sudden, “Valentine’s Day is Monday isn’t it?! Chocolate.”

It should be noted that one of the nerve fibers was illustrated in red. However… REALLY?!

And with that, the class is over and it was the last lecture.

  1. Robin permalink

    AND there was a pink one. Give the guy some credit. It doesn’t take much to stimulate thoughts of chocolate in my mind either…

  2. OMS-I permalink

    Ok. There was pink next to the red.

    Wait. We have a… immunology test… Monday… and I’m sure we’re concerned about it.

    Yes, chocolate: milk, dark, white…

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