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Disappointment & Frustration

February 11, 2011

We are in the middle of a string of exams. Not as bad as some of my friends have had it this past week, but none the less. Exam is Monday, and we are feeling a crunch.

So it is always a nice study break when I can promote tree farms by printing off many pages of study guides and notes to read and then take it down to the library to staple and hole punch. (Don’t worry eco-conscious non-medical people, I print double sided.)

Except on Fridays (and Saturdays). The library closes at 9pm these days. One more reason I am glad that I am in the Study “Gym” once again this semester. But when I want to use that stapler and hole punch, it can be downright disappointing that I will have to wait until tomorrow to OCD organize my printed papers.

And then frustration hits because I realize that I am not getting “credit” for studying by the carrel police in my carrel. (For those of you unfamiliar, we have a carrel use policy that breaks down to 2 times per day for 5 days in the week – i.e. 10 checks on a piece of paper in a calendar week. This policy is great to make sure that we are utilizing our carrels when others are on a waiting list for one – I’ll leave that for another time – except when a decent amount of studying is done outside of the normal operating hours of the library.) And now I have to be conscious of my “use” since I have already had to talk to the carrel police an administrator to retain my carrel already this semester.

Oh, and I have already caught them forgetting a scheduled check when a couple of us were waiting for that check to leave.

And now back to studying…

  1. Robin permalink

    I have a hole punch. Right here in the study gym.

  2. OMS-I permalink

    And a stapler. I know, I know.

    But that automatic hole punch is just so cool…

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