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Monday Merriment (Day 6)

December 6, 2010

First, I’m thankful that Gross Anatomy is over. Exams #2 of 5 done.

The other thanks for the day is this email we received at some point during the day. [To preface this, there is a certain study area with cubicles/carrels for 30 or so of us in a room just big enough for the cubicles.]

I have been asked to establish the following policy in order to improve the freshness of the breathing air in the confined space of the areas around our reserved study carrels.

Please adhere to the following reserved study carrel policy on out gassing:

The spraying of perfume, cologne, and body sprays in the study carrel areas is prohibited.  Also, passing gas Is frowned upon but may be excused when it is infrequent and not premeditated and purposeful.

Good luck with your finals!


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