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Breaking Research!

October 11, 2010

via Dr. Grumpy.

I’m sure that my central US neighbors need to be made aware of this groundbreaking scientific inquiry.

Boffins debunk cow-tipping myth

Not possible, even when drunk

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes9th November 2005 05:02 GMT

Two scientists at the University of British Columbia have rather disagreeably debunked the myth that you can – when suitably refreshed after a night on the sauce – stagger into a field and tip over a sleeping cow.

According to the Times, Margo Lillie, a doctor of zoology, and her student Tracy Boechler did a few calculations pertaining to bovine bothering and concluded that it would in fact take five sozzled pranksters to tip a cow.

More specifically, “a cow of 1.45 metres in height pushed at an angle of 23.4 degrees relative to the ground would require 2,910 Newtons of force, equivalent to 4.43 people,” according to Boechler.

Read the complete article.

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