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Advanced Med School Math

October 9, 2010

10 = 70. Also, 10 = 30.

If I remember correctly from a couple decades ago, 10 ≠ 70 and 10 ≠ 30.

Perhaps there’s some sort of advanced mathematical logic that I missed somewhere.

If I were to apply the typical rules of logic:

If 10 = 70 and 10 = 30, then 70 = 30.

However, 70 ≠ 30. Therefore either 10 ≠ 70 or 10 ≠ 30.

This conclusion contradicts the initial information given that 10 = 70 AND 10 = 30.

The forum is open for solutions to this conundrum. An award will be presented to the best and most creative explanation after a subjective evaluation of the responses. [Submissions will only be accepted as a comment on the Cadaver Chronicles post. Comments submitted elsewhere, such as Facebook, will not be considered for evaluation toward the award.]

Frustrated OMS-I

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