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Day 27: Reframe!

September 11, 2010

My school provides a student-led, small group stress management program for us first years.

One of the major techniques we have discussed to reduce/limit stress is “reframing” – turning negatives into positives.

It’s a constant exercise. In everything. Related to medical school.

PS. Exam #3 (Histology exams #1) is in about 40 hours. I could probably not sleep and still not review the material enough.
REFRAME: The exams will be over in about 44 hours.

  1. Sarah Harwood Kelley permalink

    Don’t worry. one day you will be in your second year of residency and not be able to remember a single piece of it!! I know I sure can’t 🙂
    Best of luck, Sarah

  2. MedHead, OMS-1 permalink

    I’m looking forward to that.

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