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U.S. a Muslim nation?

June 3, 2009

On the eve of President Obama’s “groundbreaking” and “historic” speech in Cairo, Egypt, a recent interview with French media (sorry, I do not have details or link, but I did hear him an audio clip with a French translator in background) has been released/discovered in which President Obama stated that the U.S. could/should be considered as one of the largest Muslim nations in the world.

From the CIA World Factbook:

Religions (2007 est.):
Protestant 51.3%
Roman Catholic 23.9%
Mormon 1.7%
other Christian 1.6%
Jewish 1.7%
Buddhist 0.7%
Muslim 0.6%
other or unspecified 2.5%
unaffiliated 12.1%
none 4%

Population: 307,212,123 (2009 est.)

So now for the math…

Protestant 157,599,819
Roman Catholic 73,423,697
Mormon 5,222,606
other Christian 4,915,394
Jewish 5,222,606
Buddhist 2,150,485
Muslim 1,843,273
other or unspecified 7,680,303
unaffiliated 37,172,667
none 12,288485

Now, compare the U.S. numbers (specifically the 1,843,273 Muslims) to the estimated Muslim populations distribution from selected countries (calculations based on CIA World Fact Book statistics). Italic text denotes recent U.S. military involvement.

Afghanistan 33,273,838 (99%)
Egypt 74,774,582 (90%)
France 3,202,890-6,405,779 (5-10%)
India 156,254,615 (13.4%)
Indonesia 206,873,780 (85%)
Iran 65,100,698 (98%)
Iraq 28,077,287 (97%)
Kuwait 2,287,484; 1,399,804 excluding non-nationals (85%)
Russia 14,004,125-21,006,187 (10-15%)
Somalia 9,832,017 (Sunni Muslim only religion identified)
Serbia/Bosnia & Herzegovina/Croatia/Kosovo/Montenegro [not calculated]

Based on these numbers, Kuwait (when excluding non-nationals) is the ONLY country in which the U.S. has a greater Muslim population.

President Obama’s comment, as I interpret it, to the effect that the United States is a significant and large Muslim nation is not true. The committment the United States has made to the “Muslim world” is evidenced by our foundational (Christian) beliefs which includes that we, the human race, have been endowed by our Creator certain inalienable rights. This core belief in inalienable rights compels us to involve ourselves, most often militarily, in regions and countries where the United States is not often held in the best regard because of our Christian foundation and support of the Israeli state. Take a quick look at the recent conflicts/wars that we have been involved in: Bosnia, Kuwait, Somalia, Afganistan, and Iraq. All predominately Muslim or an issue with human rights as they relate to Muslims.

Our standing with the “Muslim world” is not based upon the notion that the United States holds any kind of Muslim majority or significant population, but that we have supported human rights and democracy in countries where dictators and warlords have tried to violate a most fundamental tenant which Americans hold dear – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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