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Travelling fun – Part 2

January 11, 2009

OK. So the weather was clear to day. No cancelled or weight-restricted flight when I get to the airport.

I’m sitting at the gate, eating a slice of Lemon Poundcake from the Starbucks kiosk, and the gate attendant calls my name. Sweet, what’s wrong now? I get to the counter, and the attendant says I’m the only one for the flight. I’m still expecting them to bump me to the 6:00 pm flight.

Nope. The copilot was there to walk me out to the plane (since they were boarding another flight). OK, not a bad thing. Kind of cool actually. So it was me, the copilot, and pilot in a 19-seater. Not a bad deal.

Next up on the agenda… med school interview tomorrow (Monday).

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