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Thanksgiving in America

November 28, 2008

Pop culture likes to attribute the first Thanksgiving in America to the Puritan Pilgrims who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Their story of journey and survival is a great testament to the dedication, fortitude, and hardiness that many people in this country seem to lack.

The real first (English) Thanksgiving in America occurred in Jamestown. The winter of 1609-1610 was harsh on the colonists. Of the approximately 490 people who resided in the colonial outpost on September 10, 1609, only 60 survived the harsh winter and famine. The survivors had abandoned the fort when they met a ship that had been delayed by a shipwreck in Bermuda. With the arrival of the new colonists and the supplies they brought, the settlement and fort was saved. The community held a day of prayer, dedication, and thanksgiving.

Abraham Lincoln penned into existence the holiday as we know it today. William the Coroner has shared the 1863 Proclamation of Thanksgiving. Today is a good day (as if any other day is any less), in that it makes each and every one of us stop and think about what we are grateful for.

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