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Worthwhile Television

October 18, 2008

I had the chance to take an afternoon (all day) to relax and watch some TV. I expected to be watching (near) meaningless college football games the whole time until I did some channel surfing. I happened upon the HBO series Band of Brothers on The History Channel

I own the first two episodes/parts and had yet to see more, though I’ve been trying to for several years (and never gotten around to renting or purchasing the series). I watched for 6+ hours as Tom Hanks and the rest of the production crew and cast retold the story of these amazing soldiers. Though there is no way that any recreation could ever come close to depicting the real events or footage in any war (especially World War II), this is probably as close as one can come.

Too bad they didn’t show the last 4 parts/episodes in the series (they put on some silly how-things-are-made or conspiracy-theory shows… come on…). Now I’ll have to wait even longer to finish watching.

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