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Reflections on a day in history…

September 16, 2008

From the evening of 9/11/08 [contains a partially edited comment I wrote on another post]:

Watching the news and talk shows tonight didn’t hit me like this blog post. Though I do appreciate immensely what Craig Ferguson did at the opening of his show tonight. I, along with the rest of most humanity, remember where I was that dreadful morning. A friend who lived a few doors down from me in our college dorm woke me up with the news of the first plane striking the first WTC tower. News like that was worth running behind for class. And then I watched awestruck, with friends from my wing, as the rest of the events unfolded live before our eyes. I never did make it to class that day. Neither did anyone else, as classes were canceled and a special Chapel service was held.

Reading that post set off a roller coaster of emotions that come back from time to time, though the past few anniversaries have come and gone with little more than a thought and prayer. I can’t imagine the perspective that he has knowing him & his profession.

Oddly enough, one of my friends (and colleague of sorts) was on his way (9/11/08) to a big sandbox somewhere across the world for a couple months. I didn’t realize what day it was when I talked to him just before he left, but it made this year’s anniversary that much more striking once I did realize the significance of the date.

Then, a couple nights ago, I watched a special on 9/11 where the writer/producers had obtained “home” video and time synced it & overlaid it with “professional” video from that morning. I was kept glued to the end even though it was late and I was tired. It really hit with all of the “new” angles and perspectives that it opened up.

My sympathies & prayers are with the families & survivors. May God grant peace to our damaged emotions & psyche…

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